Here is the step by step Guide to Enable Two Factor Authentication for your account to login using Time Based (Google Authenticator) authentication:

1- Install Google Authenticator from Goolge Play Store

2- Login to your 2CO Host Client Area and select Security settings:

3- On Security Settings page, scroll down and click on green button “Click here to Enable” under Two-Factor Authentication section.

4- Now click on Get Started button (Time based Tokens is pre-selected)

5- On next step, you will see a QR Code along with Manual Code

6- Now open Google Authenticator App from your Android phone and click Begin if you are using this app first time.

7- On, next step, this app will ask you to select method, Scan a bar code or Enter a provided key. Select any method of your choice.

8- Now scan the QR/Bar code appeared on 2CO Host account on Step 5. When it will scan, you will see a 6 digit code with timer on your app. This code will refresh after some specific time.

9- Now, Enter this code in the input box of 2CO Host account page (from Step 5) and submit it. Your Two Factor Authentication is Enabled.

Next time, when you will login from new window or with new session, system will ask you code. You need to Open Google Authenticator to get your latest code and input it.

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