How to Change Nameservers of Domain?

If you have registered a domain without a Hosting package, then the nameservers of that domain will set to default. So, in case, you want to add the domain as Addon Domain with another hosting account (with 2CO Host), you need to change nameservers of the domain. The default nameservers for Domain Only registration are:


With these nameservers, the website will not work until you change them to your own hosting nameservers. For example, if your hosting name servers are:


then you should change them. Remove all 4 and add your 2 nameservers. Use the following method to change name servers:

1- Login to your Client Area
2- From Menu, Click on Domains > My Domains

3- Click on Tool icon just on your active domain for which you want to change nameservers

edit domain

4- Scroll down and Click on “Change the nameservers your domain points to” under What would you like to do today?

change nameservers your domain

5- Select option “Use custom nameservers” and add your own hosting nameservers as showing in screenshot.

set your hosting nameservers

6- Click “Change Nameservers”

Please note that it will take up to 24 hours to propagate nameservers properly.

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